TPG has an extensive global network and long-standing, on-the-ground presence in critical markets.

TPG has built a strong international presence with 17 offices in 10 countries. We were one of the first U.S.-based private investment firms to establish significant operations in Asia and Europe, in 1994 and 1995 respectively.

The deep insight we have gained positions TPG to recognize – and act on – opportunities that arise from global macroeconomic trends.

North America

TPG invests across many industry sectors, including financial services, industrials, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, airlines, media and entertainment, retail, consumer products, and travel and leisure.

We have developed a broad set of investment and operational capabilities that support multiple strategies including buyouts, turnarounds and off the beaten path investments. Beringer Wine Estates, Neiman Marcus, PETCO, SunGard, J.Crew, Graphic Packaging, Burger King and Endurance are some examples.

Our team in North America supports international investments in key industry sectors and collaborates with other TPG-affiliated platforms.

Europe and Eurasia

TPG first invested in Europe in 1995. We have since become one of the most active private investment firms in Western Europe, with offices in London, Paris and Luxembourg. TPG has grown and transformed companies in major markets, but also finds opportunities in smaller, less crowded markets, such as in Norway, Iceland and Greece.

Industries include technology and telecom, healthcare, business services, media, commodities, retail, consumer products, financial services and hospitality. Some of TPG's best-known investments in Europe are Punch Taverns, Spirit Group, Bally, British Vita, Debenhams, Eutelsat, Findexa, Gemalto, Grohe, mobilcom, TDF and TIM Hellas.

In 2007, TPG was the first major global private investment firm to open an office in Moscow, Russia. This presence has helped TPG to pursue additional opportunities in Eurasia and Eastern Europe. Examples of our transactions include Interinfo, Mey and Strauss Coffee.

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TPG entered Asia in 1994 through the establishment of its affiliate Newbridge Capital, one of the first global private equity firms dedicated to the region. Today, TPG has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai and Melbourne. We have completed a number of control and minority stakes in landmark transactions such as Lenovo, Korea First Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, Myer Department Stores, Parkway Holdings and Shriram Transport Finance.

In 2010, TPG announced a partnership with the municipal governments of Shanghai and Chongqing, two of China's biggest and fastest growing cities.