Transforming companies into high-performing enterprises.

At the heart of our success is the performance of our portfolio companies and investments. Our Global Portfolio Operations Group – what we call the “Ops Group” – is dedicated to leading operational improvements at our investments. This capability enables TPG to pursue turnaround opportunities that others are unwilling to consider, to bid on companies based on a unique set of operating assumptions and to improve portfolio company performance through active partnership with management. TPG believes its in-house capabilities serve as a point of differentiation in the private equity marketplace.

Key Differentiators of TPG’s Ops Group:

  • Portfolio involvement throughout the entire investment cycle, beginning in diligence
  • Full integration between the Ops Group and Investment Professionals
  • Depth and breadth of expertise brought forth by a team that includes both Generalists and Specialists
  • Specialized focus on Talent with a global team of dedicated human capital professionals
  • Leveraged Procurement expertise to drive sourcing / back-office synergies for our portfolio companies
  • Time-tested playbook consistently used across sectors, geographies, and cultural contexts

Our People:

The current Ops Group includes 60+ professionals worldwide. Our team is composed of professionals and advisors with diverse industry and geographic experiences who share a few common attributes:

  • Intuitive problem solvers, grounded by a fact-based approach but oriented towards stretch goals
  • Creative professionals able to adapt a foundational set of skills to unique situations
  • Individuals who derive energy from driving and motivating change and have a transformative mindset – in everything they do

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