Results for the Present, Preparation for the Future

What Sustainability means for TPG
Population growth. Emerging economies. Intense urbanization (including billions without or significantly constrained access to basic necessities). The needs of new and decaying infrastructures. Increased necessity, competition for and security of basic necessities such as food, water and energy. Depleting natural resources. Greater natural resource supply constraints.

The broad set of sustainability issues (including social and governance issues) have material influence on assessments of risk, valuation, profitability and opportunity, across our portfolio. Our focus on sustainability enables:

  • Better investment decisions
  • Enhanced results for investors, portfolio companies, stakeholders and TPG
  • TPG companies to be better global citizens

TPG’s Sustainability Program supports the firm’s long standing consideration of environmental, health and safety practices in investment diligence, decisions and operations.

TPG’s sustainability commitment is to:

  • Ensure that sustainability practices are implemented and that measurable results are achieved in our companies and our operations
  • Incorporate sustainability considerations into our investment diligence and decisions
  • Strive for greater transparency and governance from our companies

Our sustainability approach is an operational and functional one, accounting for the entire value chain of business. Each function of a business has a social and environmental footprint, or impact on platforms such as energy, emissions or waste. By evaluating these through investment diligence and lessening these impacts in operational practices, we seek to lessen waste, mitigate risk, improve social and environmental performance and create value through enhanced performance, investment returns, customer and employee appeal.

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Results for the Present, Preparation for the Future - Message from our Portfolio Company CEOs'

Watch our video illustrating why TPG portfolio companies are engaging in sustainability.